Accommodation and meals


Different categories of accommodation are offered by the organizers to ensure that all participants can find a place that suits their need and budget:

1. In the Event Centre at Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy w Białym Kościele
there are 12 fully equipped bungalows available for 6 persons each.
Cost is 200 PLn (~ 45 EUr) per bungalow and night.
Organizer broker in reservation.

Detailed request for accommodation will be accepted upon full occupancy or no later than 28th May 2019. Request must be sent to email:

2. In Hotel Maria, ul. Wzgórze Parkowe, 57-100 Strzelin,
(GPS: 50.77522, 17.07002)
Hotel Maria is located 7,3 km from the Event Centre.

Organizer do not broker in reservation.


Meals will be offered for a fee for teams in need of such, when ordering in advance. Detailed request for transportation must be sent till 28th May 2019 to email:
More information soon.